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Batuz Borderless
Forum of the Société Imaginaire

Manifesto for the Forum

    For twenty years now the Société Imaginaire has strived to keep ahead of its time by encouraging and realizing cross-cultural dialogue. Through its method for Correspondence and Communication through Art, it has overcome differences by bringing together “gleichgesinnte Andersdenkender”, like-minded people who though different, discover in each other great similarities in the ways of their thinking. The Société Imaginaire has succeeded in doing so because it brings people with their differences into direct dialogue, to a place where they may gain an understanding of one another for themselves, without the influences they had until then been nurtured by, most especially through the intermediaries that impose themselves on us.

    In all of its multifarious projects, the Société Imaginaire consistently applies its method for communication to overcome all cultural, social, political, and academic challenges undertaken. Only now has the undertaking come to take advantage of this absolute source of communication which the internet provides, serving a broader audience. We thus open this forum as a platform for new dialogue, a way to further extend the reaches of the Correspondence that has been developing over the years and the infinite chance to create new ones. A new dialogue that is to take as example the achievements of this undertaking and continue in its role to overcome the differences in which people have been born into.

    To partake in this long-term dialogue we ask participants to first select and identify with a specific border of relevance to them. This act of selecting a border is intended not only as a means for further understanding that emerges through this approach of direct identification, but also becomes a symbol of the individual which is not a name, number or address but something else.

    What is a border? Is it an invisible line running somewhere through a deep forest, in midst of a beautiful meadow, over dangerous cliffs, through luxurious residences and miserable favelas? Did it become real and converted into a barbed wire fence, a wall or a sophistically camouflaged mine-field, or all of them all together? Is this border out there or in ourselves?

    It is in us! We grow up with it – it has been implanted in us. It does not matter where we have been born or how it has been forced onto us by our surrounding and “education” and other never questioned facts, we all share this imposition. It’s simply so. Well I say no, it is not like that – it must not be so.

    Man made the borders – man can make them disappear!

    But to “overcome our borders” we must first get to know them well – as I have said elsewhere. We must describe it, represent it in many different ways. Each of us has to draw it, to feel, to glide over its torturous lines with our own hands – to get a direct experience – a corporal, physical relation to this seemingly abstract concept of the “border” which is in reality inside of us, is our own enclosure, our limitation that we must overcome.

    The resulting image or sign will be our real identity – our future and permanent address. This game-like communication method extended in the forum should never loose its playful characteristic and the greatest happiness that can happen to us is finding through this method similar thinking people and maintain with them a meaningful relationship.


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